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You (and your friends & family) deserve to fully enjoy the party!


Many venues require same day or next day teardown and cleanup of your wedding reception. For DIY brides on a budget, this can bring extra stress on a day you should be able to let go!


Brides are forced to put the responsibility on friends & family or spend even more money on services that do not offer the flexibility they need.


This is where Helping Hands comes in! Let us handle your wedding teardown.

In a pinch? No worries, we are open to last-minute events!

Wedding Table Setting


  • Our services include:

    • takedown and packing of your reception decorations, linens, dining ware, food, etc. (boxes/containers not provided)

    • moving of boxes and items to a predetermined area, truck, or trailer (use of our truck is included)

    • moving of trash to dumpsters onsite

    • quick vacuum or sweep
    • delivery of boxes and items from venue to your home or another location within 15 miles of your venue

  • Optional services available for additional cost:

    • take down and moving of tables and chairs

    • transport and disposal of trash offsite

    • delivery more than 15 miles

  • NOW OFFERING during event table bussing and trash management services!



Reasonably priced packages based on reception size and items moved. Includes delivery within 15 miles of your venue. Plus, additional add-on options are available.


We were raised genuine and honest people, so it’s only natural that we would hold these values highly when it comes to our business.

We're also insured and can provide a COI!


Our services were specifically created with wedding receptions in mind. We fill a gap for couples whose venue require same night or early morning cleanup.



Hi! We're Chris and Veronica and we were in your shoes just a few months ago. We had our wedding in December of 2022 and it was a beautiful day!


But not everything went as planned.

We were extremely budget conscious and did everything ourselves (with the help of our friends & family of course)! When it came to the reception though, we knew we wanted to let loose and allow our family and guests to fully enjoy the night. Unfortunately, our venue required same night clean up.


Not wanting to put the responsibility on our family and friends, we searched high and low for wedding teardown services in San Diego, but all we could find were cleaning services. This is not what we needed; what we needed were extra hands to help repack decorations, move them out of our venue into a truck, and back to our home less than 5 miles away.


We turned to moving companies, but this was an unusual request for them since it would be after hours. Desperate, we turned to Craigslist, where we found a pair who said they would help us for a reasonable price.


We were ecstatic to have it figured out but when the time came, the Craigslist movers were a no show after several confusing communications earlier that day. Luckily, we have the best friends and family who stepped up to help! While we are incredibly grateful for this, it is one of our biggest wedding regrets. 


Now we want to fill this gap for other San Diego couples!

29397824_Unknown Edited.jpg


  1. Contact us to see if your date is available and get a quote for your event.

  2. Pay a deposit to lock in your date, sign our service agreement, and schedule your pre-event prep call (included with service) about one month out from your event.

  3. Meet with us via phone or video chat to communicate all the details of your event.

  4. One week before your event, complete payment, and finalize your item list so we know exactly what we are moving.

  5. Fully enjoy your wedding reception with your guests!

  6. We will send you a post-event recap with any important details and a survey to help us continue providing top tier service.


We are here for you! Contact us today to get a free quote.


Call or Text: (925) 243-517

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